A Little Something for Daffodil Day!

By Abigail Keys

How to make a recycled planter box:

Recycle an old tool caddy or wooden box into this gorgeous planter box – just in time for spring!

Gather your supplies

  • Old tool caddy (or other container)
  • Potting mix
  • Small gravel
  • Controlled-release fertiliser
  • Plants (we used potted daffodils, trailing plants, blooming annuals)

You’ll also need

Drill and bits; scoop or trowel; garden fork

Here’s How!!

Step 1

Drill a few drainage holes in bottom of tool caddy or container, then spread a layer of gravel, <br/>1-2cm thick.

Step 2

Half-fill container with potting mix.

Step 3

Scatter over controlled-release fertiliser and fork lightly into mix.

Step 4

Carefully remove plants from their pots. Start by planting several trailing plants along the front edge of container – we used golden creeping jenny (Lysimachia nummularia).

Step 5

Arrange daffodils prominently in centre of container so they are the stars of the display. Choose daffodils that still have unopened buds. Fill any spaces between daffodils with flowering annuals – we used purple angelonia, which will continue flowering into summer.

Article via Better Homes & Gardens

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