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20 minutes from Adelaide CBD.


Hawthorndene was first  established in 1925 as a subdivision of 160 acres from the Hewett Estate, after the death of Daniel Hewett in 1924.

Hawthorndene got its name from the many Hawthorne plants growing in the area. The original name however was Hawthodene. Hawthorn had already been used in the lower mitcham area and therefore could not be used. Hawthorndene had been rejected on similar grounds, although it was often referred to locally as Hawthorn-dene none the less. It was not until 1959 when the Mitcham Council and state Government agreed to the current name of Hawthorndene.

Places of Interest

Blackwood Forest Recreation Park

In 1908, the Government of South Australia acquired 20.8 hectares for use as an experimental orchard. The “State Experiment Orchard” was planted with various fruit varieties and was used for the development and testing of fruit varieties. It was estimated that in 1934 there were about 1400 fruit varieties growing in the orchard. In 1952, a small area was planted with Radiata Pines. In 1968, management was transferred to the Woods and Forest Department and, in 1972, the remaining fruit trees were removed and more pines were planted. In 1985, after community opposition to a plan to harvest the timber, the land was resumed and held as vacant Crown Land. After further opposition to attempts to dispose of the land, led by the community based Save the Blackwood Forest Committee, it was proclaimed a recreation park in November 2001. Today many residents in the area benefit and can enjoy a quiet stroll through the forest.

Hewett Oval

The original owners, the Hewetts used this area as a favourite picnic site and in 1925 with the subdivision it was set aside as an oval and recreation reserves. The oval has been used over the years, and indeed still is for a variety of sporting and social events.


Hawthorndene Primary School

Hawthorndene Kindergarten

Apex Park

Hewett Oval

Median House Price:

The median house price (2018 Price Finder report) in Hawthorndene is $543,750

Residents and Population:

The population of  Hawthorndene 3411 (Qpzm LocalStats Australia)