About Our Area



Glenalta is a southern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia located in the Adelaide Hills.


The suburb is served by Glenalta railway station on the Belair railway line.

Glenalta is adjacent to the Belair National Park


The Adelaide Advertiser has judged Glenalta to be Adelaide’s most liveable suburb (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/in-depth/adelaide-liveable-suburb)

Watch a video of the Demographer Bernard Salt and Sunday Mail editor Megan Lloyd explaining why Glenalta is amongst Adelaide’s most liveable suburbs HERE!

A Brief History of the Area

  • The original residence in the area was a cottage established on farming land in 1865 by Robert Burfield.
  • The property was planted with apple and pear orchards.
  • In 1878 the orchard was purchased by Phillip Laffer. (The Laffer family is where we get Laffers Road from)
  • The main house was built by the Laffer family in 1907.
  • George Laffer took on the farm in 1908. George became Chairman of Mitcham Council and was subsequently elected to State Parliament in 1913.
  • From 1933 the orchards were managed by his widow and his nephew Harold Laffer.
  • The farm was sold to a developer in 1955 and was dub-divided into the suburb we know as Glenalta in 1958.