About Our Area

Coromandel Valley


Located 25 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD.


Coromandel Valley is named after a three-masted ship called the Coromandel. The ship arrived from London via Kangaroo Island with 156 passengers and many crew members on the 17th January 1837. The crew members deserted, planning to stay in South Australia, the valley in which they hid was later named Coromandel Valley.


Coromandel Valley Primary School is one of the oldest in South Australia, built in 1877. You can find out more here.

Coromandel valley Community Centre provides programs and supports the local community.

Median House Price:

Real Estate Coromandel Valley:  The median house price for Coromandel Valley (2011 Price Finder report) is $460,000.


Coromandel Valley’s houses vary in age, size and structural design. These can range from historical buildings including churches and unique residential cottages to beautiful presented modern homes. Majority of homes are presented on magnificent medium to large blocks set in a tranquil setting with a real community atmosphere.

Places of Interest:

The Duck Inn is Coromandel Valley’s local hotel which is located on Main Road. The Duck Inn is a beautiful old hotel, with open fireplaces and an outdoor verandah seating, a perfect place for a drinks and dinner all year round.

The Sturt Creek runs parallel to Main Road, Coromandel Valley and is a beautiful spot to walk early in the mornings before a busy day at work.

McTaffat Reserve is a brilliant place to take the kids and the dog on a Saturday for a relaxing time. The walking trails are easy and flat; incredibly popular with local morning walkers.

Residents and Population:

The population of Coromandel Valley is 3,779 people.